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Custom Footwear... Good for you... Good for your sole

Our new custom footwear program combines traditional European craftsmanship with 21st century technology.


Design your custom shoe using our 360 Degree Design Studio.

Start by selecting your style of footwear, and then choose each individual material to create your own unique design. 

Just click on the part of the shoe you want to customize and choose from our many materials. 

Your design will be updated in real time.  

Complete your order with an instore visit to confirm your size and your new custom shoe will be ready in 4 weeks. 

To start open our 360 Degree Design Studio and start designing.


Sneakers are more your thing? Try our new Stencil Studio

Our 360 Degree Design Studio now has dozens of new stencils, giving you the ability to

customize your Sneakers to a whole new level.

Select Stencil Studio in our 360 Degree Design Studio to start designing now. 

Need some help with sizing or finishing your design?
 Drop into the store or send us a message and we will gladly assist.  

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