This advanced liquid cleanser leaves your face super clean, soft and smooth without drying out skin like bar soap does. This face wash for men gently removes impurities, oily residues and buildup for a renewed complexion with glycolic acid, salicylic acid, aloe, allantoin and glycerin. Ideal for all skin types. 8 oz.

MenScience Daily Face Wash

  • What skin types is this product for?
    Daily Face Wash for men is a gentle foaming cleanser that is designed to benefit all skin types. Because it doesn’t contain soap or irritants and utilizes conditioning ingredients, it works well for sensitive or dry skin. It’s content of Glycolic and Salicylic Acids also make it appropriate for combination, oily or breakout-prone skin. We recommend sensitive and dry skin types use a smaller amount of product (about ½ teaspoon) and combination or oily types use about 1 teaspoon.

    What results should I expect to see from using the Daily Face Wash?
    Because of the presence of Glycolic and Salicylic Acids, the product will help smooth and soften your skin after only a few uses and your complexion will look smooth, soft and refreshed. As you regularly use the product over time, your skin will continue to look better and better.

    How often should I use Daily Face Wash?
    Daily Face Wash is a high-performance face cleanser for men to be used in place of soap-based products for regular daily cleansing of the skin. Most men will not need to cleanse their faces more than once a day, but if you have oily skin or your skin accumulates a lot of impurities from work or sports, you can repeat in the evening. While all skin is different, we recommend you use a smaller amount of product (about ½ teaspoon) for dry and sensitive skins and about 1 teaspoon for combination or oily types.

    How long should one bottle last?
    Daily Face Wash is designed for regular daily use and it is packed in a large 8 oz. bottle. How long it lasts varies widely from customer and customer, but on average it should last approximately 3-5 months.

    Should I use the Daily Face Wash before or after the Microfine Face Scrub?
    It is not recommended to use both Daily Face Wash and Microfine Face Scrub at the same time unless you have very oily skin. We recommend you alternate the days you use Daily Face Wash and Microfine Face Scrub, making sure to exfoliate with Microfine Face Scrub at least once a week.

    My skin feels dry and tight in the morning, but oily and shiny in the evening. Can Daily Face Wash help me?
    You may be using a soap that is stripping away your face’s natural softeners. This causes initial dryness, but then provokes an overproduction of oil which makes your face appear oily afterwards. Wash with Daily Face Wash in the mornings to combat this problem (use less amount of product if you have dry skin), and again in the evening only if your face still looks or feels oily.

    Is this product for acne-prone skin?
    Daily Face Wash is formulated for all skin types to be used on a daily basis and it is not an acne medication. Because it contains a 1% concentration of Salicylic Acid and a 3% concentration of Glycolic Acid, it is an ideal complement for oily or blemish-prone skin.

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