This mix of pulverized green tea and refined clay is unlike anything you have put on your face before. Actually feel it working as it absorbs the impurities and clears residues and excess oil, leaving your skin super clean, revitalized and smooth. Ideal for all skin types. Use once or twice a week to maintain your complexion clean and clear year-round. 3 oz.

MenScience Facial Cleansing Mask

  • What can I do to improve excess oily skin?
    Oily face skin is a problem that afflicts many men. A deep-cleansing face mask is key to your skincare routine. Facial Cleansing Mask contains pure and natural pulverized green matcha tea that is extremely effective in eliminating oily residue and pollutants.

    How Often Can I use Facial Cleansing Mask?
    This clay mask for men can be used two or three times per week since it actually cleanses and softens the skin.

    Should I use more Facial Cleansing Mask in the summer?
    Summer conditions affect your skin’s natural moisture balance. Facial Cleansing Mask is a great choice for dealing with these environmental factors.

    Should I use the Facial Cleansing Mask if I have normal to oily and oily skin?
    The effective formulation of this clay mask absorbs excess oils and is ideal for normal to oily and oily skin types. If you feel that you need to balance your skin's moisture, we recommend that you use an ultralight, oil-free face moisturizer.

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