MenScience Post Shave Repair


Unique fine-mist spray immediately cools and helps soothe the skin, while helping to avoid razor burn and clogged pores with professional ingredients like salicylic acid, tea tree extract, azulene and allantoin. 100% free of alcohol and oils, the hydrating formula evaporates immediately and leaves skin feeling soft and conditioned. 4 oz.

  • FAQ's

    Is the Post-Shave Repair appropriate for all skin types?
    It is recommended for all men’s skin types: from oily to sensitive skin because it does not contain alcohol, oil, fragrance or other irritants.

    Why doesn’t the Post-Shave Repair contain alcohol?
    Alcohol has a tendency to dehydrate skin and may provoke shaving problems such as ingrown hairs and razor bumps. Post-Shave Repair uses gentle, nourishing ingredients to keep the skin cleared and conditioned after shaving.

    How long does it take to see results?
    The Post-Shave Repair begins working as soon as it is applied by cooling and refreshing the face. When used regularly over several weeks in conjunction with proper shaving techniques, the Post-Shave Repair can help keep your skin and pores cleared and in top condition. Your skin will show significant improvements in terms of its appearance and overall conditioning.

    How much Post Shave Repair should I use?
    Apply it generously to your skin by spraying 4-6 times directly from the bottle and allowing it to completely evaporate onto your face.

    Is the Post-Shave Repair supposed to be sprayed or splashed on like an aftershave?
    It is designed to be applied with the fine mister. Once you have applied it, you can also use your hands or a piece of cotton to gently spread (don’t rub) over the beard area and the rest of your face.

    Can the Post-Shave Repair be used on areas other than the face?
    Yes, the product has been designed to be used externally on exposed skin surfaces. It is both a post-shave and a skin toner for men, and can be used to cleanse and refresh the skin at any point during the day. Keep away from eyes, membranes and mucus areas.

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