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Brian Watts
Custom Clothing Concierge

Be it a custom suit or range of custom tailored sport shirts, even your own bespoke suit, I am at your service. At David E. White we provide you with the most comprehensive collection of world class custom clothing providers available in the London area.

London's Custom Clothier

As no two people are the same, no two garments should be the same either. Together we will plan your wardrobe, assuring fit, performance and most of all, that you feel great in what you are wearing.


On this page you will find the services offered along with a convenient booking system to schedule your next custom fitting. 


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Dane Clifton
Custom Clothing Concierge

London's Custom Clothier


Experience the ultimate luxury with our Custom Clothier service. We specialize in creating high-quality suits for men who appreciate the finer things in life. From the cut to the fabric, everything is tailored to your unique preferences. Come in today and let us help you create a truly exquisite piece that you’ll cherish for years to come.

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Custom Shirts


For the ultimate tailor made experience try our Custom Shirt service where you can have

your dream shirt made to your exact specifications.

This shirt will fit you like a glove and make you feel like a million dollars.


Your shirt will be crafted from the finest European fabrics. You'll be spoiled with choices with our collection...hundreds of custom fabrics to choose from, and you can style it however you like with our stylist helping you as much or as little as you want.

Our Custom Shirts are made in Toronto, Ontario.

Please allow 4 weeks for your Custom shirts to be designed, cut and sewn.

Custom Suits


Each Custom Suit is designed for the speed and motion of contemporary life,

luxury performance fabrics combine with masterful craftsmanship

to create a new tradition in men’s tailoring.

Our seasonally curated collection of fabrics include a wide range of super fine wools, intriguing blends of cashmere, silks, and linens as well as innovative performance weaves.

Everything is individually measured, cut, and sewn – masterfully crafted to fit your movement, posture, size, and personal style.

Bespoke Suits

Our fully hand stitched suits are what a true bespoke suit is meant to be. Offering the finest in construction, with a full floating canvas, basted fitting and detailed hand finishing, these are the hand stitched suits that every man wants.


After we cut the cloth we lightly stitch the jacket together into a shell of a suit, known as a “baste”. At the basted fitting you’ll have an in-depth discussion with one of our tailors about the fit of the suit and how it can be tweaked to perfect the fit. Each bespoke suit is then pulled apart and recut before being finally made up. At this stage your bespoke paper pattern is also updated so we can accurately recreate the fit for your future purchases. You’ll then come in for a final fitting where any minor alterations are turned around in just a few days for you.


Every bespoke suit needs support in the forepart (front panels) to hold the shape. At David E. White we use a linen and horsehair canvas to achieve this, unlike the cheaper plastic fusing used in most ready to wear and many tailored suits. Our fully hand stitched bespoke suits have a full length canvass and are sewn into the jacket allowing the internals of the jacket to move. The jacket will sit better on the body whilst feeling more comfortable and breathable. This is how a true bespoke suit is constructed.


The most skilled tailors are recruited into the fully hand stitched division to deliver the best in hand tailoring and bespoke suits. The internals are stitched by hand creating incredible shape and durability and all buttons holes (lapel and sleeve), top stitching and even the lining are sewn by hand for the ultimate in hand finishing.


This is the process and quality you should be demanding from a truly bespoke suit.

Ignore the hoards of tailors claiming to offer “bespoke” when they don’t and experience the real thing.

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