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How to Take Care of Your Shoes

Caring for Calfskin

Use Allen Edmonds conditioner/cleaner to remove surface residue and to keep leather soft and pliable. To achieve a fine luster, wipe shoes with a damp cloth and allow them to dry at room temperature. Then, apply a coat of Allen Edmonds shoe cream or polish with a cotton flannel polishing cloth or horsehair dauber and allow to air dry. Remove excess polish by brushing with a horsehair brush and buff to a desired shine.

Caring for Suede and Nubuck

The Allen Edmonds suede and nubuck cleaning system is ideal for removing dirt and restoring the nap to suede and nubuck leathers. For everyday care, use the Allen Edmonds suede combo brush for spot-treating and detailing. For maximum water protection, apply Allen Edmonds spray waterproofer

Caring for Casual Leather

Apply Allen Edmonds aqua-care shoe cream using a soft cotton flannel cloth and allow to air dry. The leather is lightened or darkened according to wear. If shoe has contrast stitching, leather lotion is recommended. For our Rough collection styles, we recommend using saddle soap.

Caring for Patent Leather

Use Allen Edmonds leather lotion and a cotton flannel cloth to remove any residue. Follow up by buffing the shoes to a brilliant shine with a soft cotton flannel cloth.


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