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Custom vs Off The Rack

Asked once, asked a thousand times, what is the difference between a custom suit and an off the rack suit?


So let us use the purchase of a car as our example, no ordinary car, let's pick a BMW 7 Series. Great car, you go see our good friend Mr. Bill Duffield and you say, I will buy that metallic red one right there, give me the keys I am driving away today, (Plan A). Mr. Duffield says wait, would you like to look at all of your options, different tires, different seats, different this different that, a long list of "customization's" (Plan B)? Decisions, decisions, Plan "A" is an off the rack suit, Plan "B" is a custom suit . Same great car, same quality, just unique detailing according to your wants, needs etc.

Of course there is FAR MORE to the equation than this simplistic analogy, but to progress to the next level one needs to always keep things sorted out. Model to model, make to make, identify your product maker first! If you do not, there is no way to determine what you will be getting from your custom suit. Many use what fabric mill as their first criteria for what suit to buy...mistake! To be continued...

Samuelsohn Custom Suits

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