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Behind the Barber's Chair: Debbie Scott's Guide to Men's Grooming Products

Updated: Apr 9, 2023

Tips, Tricks, & Challenges of Men's Grooming with David E. White's barber, Debbie Scott


In today's world, grooming has become essential to our daily routine. That's why at David E. White we take men's grooming seriously, and we always strive to provide our clients with the best possible products and services.

Debbie Scott, a resident barber of David E. White, joined us for a discussion on our diverse range of grooming products, the challenges of men's grooming, and our latest brand addition - American Crew.

Through years of college and apprenticeships, Debbie has gained valuable knowledge- from tips to challenges- that she now shares with her clients.

For the past three years, Debbie has been practicing her craft at David E. White's barbershop, where she has earned a reputation for her exceptional skills and customer service.

According to Debbie, one of the biggest obstacles associated with men's grooming products is selecting the right product for your hair texture.

"Never be afraid to ask! We are always happy to answer questions at any point during your hair appointment.

"Even if we don't have the product, I will always recommend what they should have. It is not all about the sales." She exclaimed.

Another challenge Debbie highlights is the amount of product typically used. Using too much of any grooming product can result in an unnatural or greasy look. She suggests starting with a small amount and gradually adding more if necessary.

"Less is best. I always show clients how much product I am using in their hair, especially for certain styles. Different styles and textures can require other products." She stated.

At David E. White, we recently introduced American Crew products, and Debbie is excited to have them in-store! She noted that American Crew has been a trusted brand in the grooming industry for years.

They offer a range of mens grooming products suitable for different hair types and styles.

Debbie mentioned she is particularly excited about the new American Crew Whip- which has a light hold, natural finish and a subtle peppermint scent.

From pomades and creams to shampoos and conditioners, American Crew has a product for every grooming need!

Debbie believes that using professional, high-quality grooming products is vital to maintaining a healthy hair routine.

"Drugstore products can have harmful chemicals that produce buildup in your hair. But professional salon grooming products are formulated with better ingredients." She said.

Investing in high-quality grooming products can actually save you money in the long run. While drugstore products may seem like a more affordable option, they often need to be used in larger quantities.

However, professional grooming products are typically more concentrated, allowing you to use fewer product while still achieving a long-lasting look.

In addition to American Crew, David E. White offers other high-quality grooming brands, including Truefitt&Hill and Crown Shaving Co.

These High-quality products are free from harmful chemicals and additives that can be found in many drugstore products, making them safer and gentler on your skin and hair.


Selecting the right grooming products can be a challenge, but with the guidance of a knowledgeable barber like Debbie, it doesn't have to be. She encourages clients to try out different products and brands to find the best fit for their grooming needs.

At David E. White, we pride ourselves on offering top-notch grooming products and services to help you look and feel your best.

Whether you are in search of the ideal grooming product or a fantastic haircut, we possess the tools and expertise required to assist you in achieving your desired appearance.

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