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Naked & Famous: 5 Myths You Should Ignore About Raw Denim

The world of raw denim is full of passionate individuals who see their jeans as more than jeans — they’re a way of life. The fabrics, the fades, the fastidious commitment to consistent wear, it’s a universe full of idiosyncrasies and delights that can be a little overwhelming to newcomers, even frustrating, but those of us who are years into our love affair find the culture’s idiosyncratic twists and turns to be all part of the joy.

But we get the frustrations. Myths and misconceptions abound in this world, misconceptions that aren’t helped by the fact that the majority of reputable brands are sold out of Japan, by companies with little interest in putting out English-language information that could help to dispel the falsehoods and misunderstandings that are so rife.

Are you meant to wash your jeans at all? How are you supposed to wash them? How do you size them? Do they stretch? Do they shrink? Do I really need to find an antique hemming machine to shorten them or can I just take them to my neighbourhood tailor?

They’re just jeans, and owning them is simpler than you think. Check out the video above or read the full article on to unravel the most common myths and mysteries surrounding the coolest pants you can own. Raw denim can be both fascinating and frustrating and while there may be some annoyances associated with breaking in, caring for, and finding the perfect fit for your denim, the end result can be well worth it for those who appreciate the craftsmanship and timeless style. Happy fading!

At David E. White, we are proud to showcase the wide range of Naked and Famous denim, offering you an opportunity to experience the timeless appeal of this remarkable brand.

Whether you're a denim connoisseur, or simply searching for the perfect pair of jeans, Naked and Famous is sure to exceed your expectations with its raw denim.

Our denim selection is available online and in-store at 517 Richmond Street, come on down and find the perfect pair of denim for you.

APRIL 13, 2023

Accredited to Naked & Famous

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