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Allen Edmonds Fifth Ave Black: Lace-up oxford dress shoes
Cap-toe balmoral with perforated brogue styling
Lined premium calfskin leather upper
Part of the Timeless Classics Collection of premium men's shoes
Single oak leather sole
360 degree Goodyear welted construction

Believe it or not, even with the changing nature of office dynamics - with conference tables once replaced by foosball tables and French cuffs giving way to t-shirts - there are still consummate professionals out there. These guys blend hard work with innate intelligence to become a respected success while they effortlessly juggle the duties of work and family. Leading by example, they demonstrate what it takes to turn a job into a career, how to see the big picture, when to go for that big promotion and what shoes to wear. And more often than not, this type of man is wearing Fifth Avenues.

Allen Edmonds Fifth Ave Black