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How to Become the Style Master of your Office

Making a statement at work (for all the right reasons) is an important mission to accomplish. It becomes the difference between blending into the crowd and demanding attention, between worker bee and leader. At the end of the day, if you look the part, you’re half way there – no hard work required.


When buying a suit for the office, there are a few things you must look out for – the fabric and fit being the most important.

Wool is the most premium suiting material money can buy, and the Italians know how to turn that wool into something special. It is durable (if you care for it properly), so a good wool suit should last you the distance, and as it is a natural fibre it keeps your body at a comfortable temperature all year round.

A suit jacket should fit you like a glove, snug enough to define your shoulders and waistline, but loose enough to move around in. For work, the trouser fit should be somewhere between ‘baggy old man slacks’ and ‘rock god painted on’ – something that has room to move around the thighs but tapers down the leg. Only a lucky few can purchase a suit off the rack, with alterations needed to ensure your final look is polished.


So you have the suit sorted, now for what you wear under it. A crisp, white shirt should never be overlooked, as it adds a level of sophistication to any ensemble. However, don’t feel like you have to stick with whites or pastels – venturing into printed territory is just as acceptable. Stick with a print that is small and in a mute colour, otherwise you can’t go wrong with the humble check. It’s a fine art, matching suits and shirts – one that we endeavour to decode in future posts.


Your sartorial armour is not complete without a touch of leather. Whether you opt for a butter tan brogue or a high shine black boot, make sure your accessories are never an after-thought, but the stylish full-stop to your outfit. Don’t forget the matching belt.

For the finishing flair to your ensemble, look toward the ties and pocket squares. Pair a bold regular tie with a pocket square and tie bar – and look, style master, you’re ready for work!

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