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How Heavy Is Your Denim? Know The Weight!

Know Your Weights Denim weight is the weight of the fabric per square yard measured in ounce. The thickness of warp (vertical) and weft (horizontal) yarns, and the density of weave determine the fabric weight.  5-6oz: Featherweight The lightest weight denim available. Thin and comfortable, the perfect weight denim for hot climates and summer weather.   7-9oz: Lightweight Light enough for the spring and summer, yet heavy enough for the fall. Multi season jeans that are comfortable right off the bat. 10-13oz: Standard Weight  The most common weight used to make jeans.  Perfect for all seasons with a proper balance of durability and comfort.

14-16oz: Midweight Heavier than your average denim, and quite rigid to start.  These jeans usually require a few weeks to break in.  17-21oz: Heavyweight Made for hard wearing, these jeans can handle just about anything you throw at them.  These jeans will produce distinct high contrast wear patterns.  22oz +: Super Heavyweight It’s like wearing a cardboard box shaped like pants. You must be willing to go through pain and suffering to conquer these jeans. 

32oz: World’s Heaviest Jeans Guaranteed uncomfortable. Courtesy of Naked & Famous Denim. You’re welcome!  

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