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Unveiling the Wonders of The Italian Brand: Altemflower

Updated: Apr 9, 2023

Made in Italy with Quality, Creativity, and Passion


Italy is renowned for its rich cultural heritage, including art, fashion, food, wine, and much more.

The country has been a centre of excellence in craftsmanship and design for centuries, and its reputation for quality and creativity is unmatched.

One of the sectors in which Italy excels is the production of clothing, especially high-end shirts.

Altemflower is a brand that embodies the best of Italian shirt making, combining tradition and innovation, style and substance, and passion and excellence.

At the heart of Altemflower's mission are a deep love for the world and a desire to explore and transform it. The brand is not content with the status quo but constantly seeks to push the boundaries of what is possible.

This approach is reflected in its commitment to innovation, both in terms of design and technology.


Altemflower's shirts are not only stylish and elegant but also functional and comfortable. The brand uses only the finest materials, such as Egyptian cotton, to ensure that its shirts are not only beautiful but also durable and long-lasting.

Another hallmark of Altemflower is its attention to detail. Every shirt is meticulously crafted, with subtle touches that make it unique and special.

From the collar to the cuffs, every element is carefully considered and designed to enhance the overall look and feel of the shirt.

The brand's designers are constantly experimenting with new techniques and materials, always striving to create something fresh and original.

Despite its success, Altemflower has not lost sight of its core values. Passion, individuality, expression, and change are at the heart of everything the brand does. Each shirt tells a story, not just of the brand, but the men who wear them.


Altemflower celebrates diversity and encourages its customers to express themselves through their clothing. Whether it's a classic white shirt or a bold patterned one, Altemflower's shirts are a canvas for self-expression.

Colour and Summer 2019 Altemflower Collection

Altemflower's commitment to quality, creativity, and passion is what sets it apart from other shirt brands. Made in Italy- the brand embodies the best of Italian craftsmanship and design and its shirts are a testament to the country's rich cultural heritage.

If you're looking for a shirt that combines style and substance, tradition and innovation, look no further than Altemflower- an exclusive Downtown London brand at David E. White. Shop Altemflower online or come visit us in-store at One Richmond Row.

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